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John Dierberger

I thought scuba diving would be a neat thing to try in 1980…. the rest is history.  For the last 36 years I’ve explored most of the Caribbean, Florida, 3 of the Great Lakes and the chilling beauty under Wisconsin’s ice.  My wife is advanced certified as is my son.  Both he and my daughter were certified at 10 years old!  During the 80’s I worked as a NAUI assistant instructor, under Marcel Lachenmann, for Sea Trips Diving, until the mid 90’s.  Also worked commercially with Kruse Salvage.  In the late 90’s I ran a try scuba program at Le Club Tennis Club.  I am a past member of the SCUDA and Buccaneers dive clubs.

Best dive: The last one.

Favorite dive trip: Annual father/son to Cozumel.