PADI MSDT Instructor / Co-Founder

(TJ) Joe Frank

I got into scuba diving in my mid 20’s and instantly fell in love with the sport when I went on my 1st dive trip to Jamaica. Then I fell in love with the lifestyle, the friends, and the adventure to new and exciting dive sites. Subsequently I “picked up sticks” as they say and moved down to the Beautiful Mexican Rivera and worked with Dressel Divers in Playa Del Carman for a couple of months as a Dive Master moved to Cancun finished my IDC and IE and worked in the Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Cozumel area for the next threeyears. In Mexico I have learned for some of the best Mexican divers the area has to offer. With Enrique Unique Dives in Isla Mujeres. Enrique taught me how to “Underwater Hunt and Gather”. I have made over 80 hunt dives with just Enrique. The Cancun-Isla Mujeres area reefs taught me to teach in the presence of Hammerhead Sharks, Sailfish, Bull Sharks, Lemon Shark, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Sting rays of all shapes and sizes, Whale Sharks, all sort of Sea Turtles, some of the coolest off the beaten path shipwrecks..

PADI Dive Master / Co-Founder

(Tish) Letitia Hase

My interest in diving started when I was in High School, when I took a discover scuba course that was offered and I became “hooked” after my first time in the pool!! Since then I have had the opportunity to dive in places all over the world! I have been as far as Chuuk (Truk) Lagoon, with the World War II shipwrecks, which included the famous San Francisco Maru! It has been fascinating to experience all the changes in the scuba diving industry over the last 30 years, and the next 30!

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

Rob Glazier

As a kid I spent hours in the library reading about Jacques Cousteau’s adventures on the Calypso. My own dive adventure began with a Discover Scuba experience with my son. We were both hooked after our very first breaths underwater and have since dove together exploring wrecks, drift diving Caribbean reefs and even searching for treasure in local lakes. After attending a PADI Go Pro! event I knew there was no turning back and went on to earn my Divemaster certification and then Open Water Scuba Instructor. I love introducing people to the wonderful underwater world of scuba diving.

When not diving, thinking about diving, or working my “day job” I’m involved in Boy Scouts as a Scoutmaster for an area troop and advisor for a local Scuba Venturing Crew.

I love scuba diving and will gladly dive anywhere anytime, from warm water reefs in the Caribbean to ice diving in Wisconsin. My Favorite diving locations, so far, have been the cenotes and caverns of Mexico, Caribbean reefs and of course – Great Lakes shipwrecks.

Shop Expert

John Dierberger

I thought scuba diving would be a neat thing to try in 1980…. the rest is history.  For the last 36 years I’ve explored most of the Caribbean, Florida, 3 of the Great Lakes and the chilling beauty under Wisconsin’s ice.  My wife is advanced certified as is my son.  Both he and my daughter were certified at 10 years old!  During the 80’s I worked as a NAUI assistant instructor, under Marcel Lachenmann, for Sea Trips Diving, until the mid 90’s.  Also worked commercially with Kruse Salvage.  In the late 90’s I ran a try scuba program at Le Club Tennis Club.  I am a past member of the SCUDA and Buccaneers dive clubs.

Best dive: The last one.

Favorite dive trip: Annual father/son to Cozumel.