Product Description


Honed by extensive testing and refinement, the SMS Katana, designed by Nick Hollis in partnership with leading cave diving instructors, is a cutting edge cave penetration tool without equal. the SMS Katana design builds on the proven SMS100 and SMS75 sidemount systems but was further streamlined to reduce drag and allow for easier movement in confined spaces providing optimal performance in the warm water cenotes and caves of northern Florida and Mexico.

Streamline and compact design
Bulletproof Construction
8 strategically placed D-rings: 2 on each shoulder strap, 1 on each hip/shoulder strap connection point and 2 rear, one left and one right, for securing main tanks or other accessories.
35 lbs. of lift. The perfect wing size and weight for travel
One size fits all harness
3 weight pockets: two 5 lb. (2.26 kg) and one 3 lb. (1.36 kg)
“H” harness design for adjustability
Reversible Inflator & Dump assembly
Primary bungees integrated into the wing to pull tanks up and away from diver’s torso
Retainers located to avoid overhead interference
Streamlined profile reduces drag and allows for easier movement in confined spaces