Product Description

The Assist Salt Combines the multi-functional versatility of the Assist model with the rustproof qualities of H-1 steel to set a new standard in rescue tools. The defining feature of the Assist Salt is its H-1 steel blade and lock bar. This unique material uses nitrogen instead of carbon to create a steel that is tough,holds an impressive edge,and is completely immune to corrosion.

The Assist Salts bright yellow handle is injected molded from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon and has both a Bi-Directional Texture pattern and finger groves to guarantee a secure grip. The finger grooves also provide a solid purchase that enables the blade to scissor cut rope much like a cigar cutter.  Squeeze the Assist Salt’s closed blade and a retractable carbide glass breaker extends from the butt end of the handle to safely and efficiently break windows.  A built in survival whistle,sturdy back lock mechanism and a reversible wire pocket clip round out the knife’s features and ensure convenient carry and completely ambidextrous operation.